White Pride, Rebel Pride and Independence Day!

I am proud to be a brainwashed american.

I am proud to be a biased white person.

I refuse to accept that racism exists.

I don’t care for the excuses of minorities.

It is not my fault that I was born white.

I am not elitist.

I try hard to show how open minded and tolerant I am of others

-Even when uppity minorities act like they are my equal

Everyone else plays the victim.

I am the exemplary citizen of Nashville.

I wish all of america was more like the south

where minorities know their place.

Even on today when my ancestors liberated this great nation from its european oppressors

they soon became the oppressors of other minority races

-yet that fact is lost on minorities in the south.

they too are celebrating the victory of the oppressors of their ancestors.

Which when you think about it – doesn’t make sense.

Happy 4th!


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